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Workshop Overview

The Centre on Philanthropy’s Training and Education platform offers a continuum of learning opportunities to help non-profit and donors (corporate and individual) develop their knowledge, skills and abilities. The platform covers specific best practice areas and targets all skill levels, delivering relevant information designed to improve performance across Bermuda's third sector.

SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY: You may also be eligible for up to a $500 scholarship through the CUMMINGS V ZUILL SCHOLARSHIP.

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Pre-Conference Workshops

Pre-Conference sessions on Feb 20th and 21st.  Topics include fundraising, marketing and diversity. Check back soon!

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The Centre on Philanthropy offers a variety of general workshops that support the third sector with information about: • Starting a charity • Certification and the implementation of best practice standards • The Centre on Philanthropy services and membership benefits

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Financial Management

A strong financial infrastructure and established financial systems are essential to the success of any nonprofit. The Centre on Philanthropy's financial management workshops offer information about: • Basic principles of bookkeeping • Financial management policies and procedures • How to report financials

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Governance refers to how an organisation manages its people, operations, activities and decision making. The Centre on Philanthropy's governance workshops offer information about: • Roles and responsibilities of a board and its members • The strategic planning process • Managing a volunteer run nonprofit

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Whether your organisation is a new or an established non-profit, fundraising is essential. The Centre on Philanthropy's fundraising workshops offer information about: • Core aspects of fundraising planning and evaluation • Policies and controls for efficiency and accountability • Building relationships with current and prospective donors

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Capacity Building

Capacity building refers to activities that strengthen a non-profit's ability to sustain its mission and build long-term success. The Centre on Philanthropy's capacity building workshops offer information about: • Managing staff and keeping them engaged and energized • Volunteer recruitment, retention and recognition • Personal growth and work-life balance

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Programme Development

Programme development is an ongoing systematic process that helps to ensure a non-profit's impact and programme sustainability. The Centre on Philanthropy's programme development workshops offer information about: • Development and implementation of a programme strategy • Programme implementation • Programme performance measurement and evaluation

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