Volunteer Programmes

The Centre on Philanthropy support for Volunteerism

“Volunteers are not just free labour; they are the lifeblood of charitable organisations.”

- Cummings v Zuill, Founder, The Centre on Philanthropy

From its inception The Centre on Philanthropy has been committed to the support of volunteerism in Bermuda. Today that tradition continues through a number of important programmes and services.


VOLUNTEER.bm is the online one-stop shop for volunteering in Bermuda. The interactive website provides non-profit organisations with an online resource to recruit and manage volunteers and allows individuals to search for activities which suit their skills, experience and schedule.

Companies are also able to track staff volunteering hours through Team Tracker. Staff members can record their volunteering hours for the organisations they support, allowing companies to track and report on employee engagement. Tracking volunteer contributions is a great way to foster team spirit and enhance volunteerism in the community!

Community Days

Through Community Days we connect local businesses with non-profits for a day of community service. Community Days provide an opportunity for non-profits to select a project that needs helping hands, and teams of employee volunteers with a meaningful way to give their time and skills to our community.

Since 2008, we have facilitated over 100 non-profit projects engaging employee volunteers from more than 30 unique companies. 

Projects range from painting playground equipment, preparing meals for those in need, reading to preschoolers or with seniors, coating igloo nests for longtails, to clearing invasive plants and planting native species at a nature reserve.

Community Days are held annually in the Spring (April/May), Summer (July - summer interns only) and Fall (October/November).

The Allied World Family Community Day is a free-to-attend community event that brings together families to volunteer with hands-on projects such as painting waste barrels, prepping tag day buckets, or making recyclable art. Volunteering is a great way for the family to spend time together while giving back to the community. This event is held annually in June.

For more information about our Community Days, please email info@centreonphilanthropy.org, or call 236.7706.

Skills-Based Volunteering

Skills-Based Volunteering (SBV) is a strategic type of volunteering in which corporate employees are partnered with a non-profit organisation to address a specific organisational challenge.

  • For non-profits SBV provides access to professional services that address key organisational areas such as IT, marketing, HR, operations, finance and strategy.
  • For corporate volunteers SBV is an opportunity to build workplace and leadership skills by managing these projects.

The critical element to Skills-Based Volunteering is that it is project-based. Volunteers are engaged to address a specific and clearly identified project that has a timeline and measureable result. SBV also requires specific commitments from the non-profit partner and the capacity to meet that commitment.

Please see here for a case study.

Corporate Volunteer Council

The Bermuda Corporate Volunteer Council (CVC) is a group of corporate representatives that provide leadership in strengthening community engagement in Bermuda and foster appreciation for new and emerging trends in corporate social responsibility. The Bermuda CVC calls on businesses of all sizes and from all industries to encourage employees to get involved in the communities where they work and live and to build the frameworks necessary to support this active participation and contribute to the communities in which they do business.

The Centre on Philanthropy in partnership with the Bermuda Corporate Volunteer Council launched Bermuda's first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awards in September 2014. Companies and local businesses were invited to submit a form for either or both award categories: the CSR Excellence Award recognising excellence in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the Community Impact Award honouring best practices in community involvement focusing on a specific programme or initiative that a company supports. 

An independent Selection Panel reviewed and scored the entries and were deeply impressed by the widespread impact nominees have had through the success of their programmes and the ways in which they are leading the way for CSR initiatives in Bermuda. The Centre on Philanthropy applaud this year's winners, HSBC Bermuda, the Argus Group and BF&M for exemplifying the highest ideals of corporate citizenship resulting in their top-ranking scores in our CSR Awards. These companies demonstrate a deep commitment to helping address some of Bermuda’s most pressing community issues and positively impact individuals, families and the greater community through their values, strategies and operational practices.

For more information about the Bermuda CVC please email info@centreonphilanthropy.org or call The Centre on Philanthropy on 236.7706.

Volunteer Recognition Reception

December 5th is National Volunteer Day and The Centre on Philanthropy marks the occasion annually by hosting the Volunteer Recognition Reception. This reception allows non-profit members of The Centre on Philanthropy to each nominate one adult and one youth “outstanding volunteer for the year” and honour their contributions through an awards ceremony and cocktail reception.

Policies for Volunteering in Bermuda from the Bermuda Department of Immigration

Non-Bermudian residents are in most cases permitted to volunteer in Bermuda without permission from the Department of Immigration. This includes Non-Bermudian students whose parents are resident in Bermuda. Here is the Immigration policy, per their latest Implementation Document of April 1, 2013, 39:

6.13 Volunteer

The Minister‘s policy is that any resident non-Bermudian who undertakes volunteer work in the community has the Minister‘s tacit permission, under the law, to undertake such work. Volunteers who undertake charitable work, or serve as officers, in registered charities or other not-for-profit organisations do not require the specific permission of the Minister.

Examples of such organisations are: Registered charities, Hospitals, Hospices, Service clubs, Sports clubs

Such organisations may be required to advertise any paid position and seek permission in the normal manner. Payment includes benefits in kind that may be given as a reward for such volunteerism. A volunteer who may have been working in such a position without payment will not necessarily be given permission to continue in the paid position. Not-for-profit organisations including registered charities can obtain, free of charge, a letter of permission for a non-resident to enter Bermuda to work as a coach, teacher of sports and recreation, speaker or musician.

Volunteers arriving in Bermuda to assist in archaeological work or other scientific field research will be permitted to land for periods up to three months as bona fide visitors. If the object of the visit is unclear, Immigration Officers will land such persons for seven days while the matter is referred to the Chief Immigration Officer. Provided other Immigration procedures or policies are complied with, permission to land will not be withheld.

For the avoidance of doubt, such volunteers are precluded from seeking other employment while in Bermuda. Further, this policy does not mean that Bermudian students who are engaged in such scientific studies and wish to participate in such field work are to be excluded. 

For further assistance you can contact the Department of Immigration.