Overview: Third Sector

The term 'third sector' describes the sector of the economy that is made up of organizations that are not fully in the private or public sector, for example voluntary/charitable organizations and community groups. It also includes companies and individuals that contribute to this sector - donors and volunteers.

Thus, when we say 'third sector' we are talking about

  • the over 400 registered charities,
  • the companies that contribute over $33M annually,
  • the individuals that give almost $50M annually, and
  • the volunteers that donate over 2.7 millions hours a year.

Most likely, you are a part of the third sector in some way!

The Centre on Philanthropy is a resource for all members of the third sector. We believe that this sector has an incomparable opportunity to affect change in Bermuda, and thus, our organization is dedicated to providing support in the areas of research, education, development, and partnership.