Overview: Donor Community

There are two types of donors; corporate donors such as the company that you may work for and individual donors such as yourself or other philanthropic individuals.Our 2005 Urban Institute Study revealed that charities receive more contributions from individuals than from corporations in Bermuda.

Below are some key characteristics on our individual and corporate donors in Bermuda:

  • Donors think the top issues facing Bermuda are housing, drugs, crime and education
  • 40% or $33M of charity revenue is from donations
  • Individuals give proportionally more to Arts and Culture while corporations give proportionally more to Public and Societal Benefit
  • The top 3 criteria for donor giving are:
    • Giving reflects personal passion or mission (19%)
    • Charity addresses critical social issues in Bermuda (12%)
    • Charity plays a critical role in the cultural well being of Bermuda (10%)
  • 51% of donors are satisfied with their performance