Charity Discounts

Increasing the Pool of Support

Many individuals want to contribute their time and talent to help strengthen the organisational effectiveness in the non-profit sector.  The Centre on Philanthropy is building a network of individual supporters to connect non-profits with the expertise they need.

The list of Pool of Supporters is coming soon!

If you have expertise that you would like to contribute to the third sector and are able to offer your services pro bono or at a special rate, please email us to be considered for the Pool of Support and become part of a network that assists non-profits and those they serve.

Developing Community Partnerships

Charities are always striving to minimise operating costs to get more services to those they serve.  A 15% discount here and there really makes a difference - whether for goods, like computer equipment and office supplies, or services, like advertising and legal advice. Dozens of companies have made the admirable decision to offer charities significant discounts. 

The Centre on Philanthropy has curated a list of service providers that offer a discount to charities: Click here to view!  This is a growing list and will be updated regularly!