Third Sector Conference

Conference History

Since 2007 The Centre on Philanthropy has biennially hosted a conference for Bermuda's Third Sector. This conference allows Bermuda's charities, non-profits, donors and volunteers to learn, network and collaborate on the common issues that face Sector. We are routinely commended for the quality of speakers we are able to attract to Bermuda, with the speakers themselves often expressing an appreciation for the opportunity to meet and collaborate with each other.

Through generous financial support, donations and volunteers, The Centre on Philanthropy is able to keep the Conference afforadable, especially when compared to the cost of travelling overseas to a similiar event.

The next conference will take place in January 2018.

To see an overview including presentations and reports from our previous conferences please use the links below.

2016 "Building Hope"

2013 "Together We Can"

2011 "Changing Our World"

2009 "The Power of One"

2007 "Giving in Partnership"