Bermuda National Standards Committee

Did You Know?

The Bermuda National Standards Committee’s mission is to improve the quality of Bermuda’s human services through accreditation of prevention and treatment service organizations and to improve the quality of all non-profits and charities through a process of certification.


Both BNSC accreditation and certification are completely voluntary and were created because Bermuda charities and human service groups were being asked to demonstrate best practice by their funders and other stakeholders but no locally recognized model was available for use.


Bermuda was the first country to formally replicate the US Council on Accreditation (COA) model of accreditation standards and review process in 2005. Many other countries began pursuing this replication following the precedent set by the BNSC.

The BNSC Board make up is part of the replication of COA and was intentionally constructed to include private funders, Government funders, policy makers, Government charity oversight, and public charity representatives. 

The BNSC uses international peer reviewers trained by the US Council on Accreditation to validate the compliance of Bermuda organizations applying for BNSC accreditation to demonstrate that the process is removed from any perception of local bias.

The COA standards adopted by BNSC provide for accreditation of a wide range of service groups and are comprehensive in detail.

BNSC accreditation is far less expensive than pursuing accreditation through an international entity.

For more information on Accreditation, contact the BNSC Manager, Nadine Lapsley-Dyer at 336-2821 or email: nadine@prevention.bm.



The BNSC created a set of best practice standards for Bermuda’s non-profits, charities and quangos that are not eligible for accreditation but would like a process that allows them to demonstrate a high standard of practice which exceeds the basic requirements.

The BNSC uses local trained peer reviewers to validate the compliance of Bermuda organizations applying for BNSC certification.

Certification can lead to Accreditation

An organization that is eligible to become accredited may elect to first become certified for two years and then in the third year complete the accreditation process.

Visit the Knowledge Centre for more information on Certification on this website.